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ZAGOR Token (ZGR) Contract Address

Hello valued users,

The Zagor token used on the SyncSwap platform can be acquired through the following contract address:


For more information, visit our SyncSwap website.

Happy trading! 🚀🌟

Shape Your Future with Zagor Coin on zkSync


Zagor Token is a cryptocurrency crafted for our community, offering a platform for individuals to unite and invest in their future. Inspired by the iconic character Zagor, our token establishes a distinctive and purposeful identity. Geared towards providing a means for future investments, Zagor Token is your gateway to financial opportunities and growth.


Frequently Asked Questions


What does Zagor aim to achieve

Zagor aims to create new meme coin millionaires on the skSync network. However, we also aspire to transform Zagor into a globally recognized brand in the real world. We are determined to establish partnerships with major companies across various industries. Stay tuned for exciting developments!


How does the Zagor reward system work? Where do I get the rewards?

For every active user's transaction a 2% $ZAGOR reward is granted to holders' decentralized wallets only, fostering a
healthy distributed network and community usage.
The more $ZAGOR is actively used, the more rewards are granted!


What is "burning" and why does it matter? Does Zagor burn automatically?

We envision Zagor tokens to have an inflationary nature, and to achieve this, our long-term goal is to burn 15% of our tokens. This strategic burning not only aims to control the token supply but also adds an element of sustainability to our ecosystem. Get ready for a journey where innovation meets stability with Zagor!

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